AP State Museum

  • Destination: Hyderabad

AP State Museum

AP State Museum situated at Hyderabad’s Public Garden is one of the oldest and finest museum that represents the culture and art of Andhra Pradesh. The main attraction of the museum is “Egyptian mummy” the daughter of the sixth pharaoh of Egypt, which was brought to Hyderabad by the son-in-law of VI Nizam Mahbub Ali Khan, and donated it to the last Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan. He reportedly brought it for a paltry sum of 1000 pounds. Coins of the Satavahana period, important Buddhist and Jain relics, sculptures of different periods, a Buddhist gallery, Brahmanical and Jain gallery, arms and armour gallery, numismatics gallery, Ajanta gallery, Bronze figures from the Vijayanagar and Chola periods, ninth and tenth century Jain figures (particularly the goddess Ambika), Roman coins, copies of Ajanta Caves’ Buddhist murals are hosted, because of all these items palced in museum it has become one of Hyderabad’s frequent tourist spot.

Firstly, this museum was not constructed for a single purpose of having a musem, it has the state’s heritage as of Nizam’s desire. Later on Nizam has created the Department of Archaeology in 1915. From then onwards archaeology played an active role in explorations and excavations of historical sites and also preservation of historical monuments. At the end, the collection has become more and there was a need of new house . In the year 1930 the museum was established in the surroundings of the public garden in Hyderabad and the museum was called as Hyderabad Museum.

From the year 1950, the museum concentrated on the works of contemporary artists and, in the year 1968 the name of the museum was changed to the AP State Museum and was governed by the state government of Andhra Pradesh. There are different galleries based on stone sculptures, bronze works, manuscripts, modern paintings, and textiles in the museum. The museum has its collection based on research-oriented, bringing out several publications about its different collection.

The architecture and construction of the AP State Museum building is wonderful and has its own beauty, with a distinct Indo-Saracenic style. The museum is famous for its wide range of well-structured chambers and galleries that resembles the different phases of human history and civilization. The galleries that are hosted by each house is an extremely beautiful collection of rare arts and antiquities, which are priceless.

Timings of AP State Museum

10:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Closed on Friday)
Entry Fee:
Rs.10 (Adults)
Rs.5 (Child)

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