Asman Garh Palace

  • Destination: Hyderabad

Asman Garh Palace is one of the famous palaces that are located in and around Hyderabad. The name Asman Garh means, Asman derives as sky and Garh means home. It is on the Hill Rock area and lies in between Malakpet and Dilsukhnagar area which is near to T.V. tower. This monument was constructed in European style in the form of Castle, by Sir Asman Jah of Paigah family the Prime Minister to the Nizam kings in the year 1885. This place was then used by Nizam kings for watching events like cricket games and so. At present a museum displaying archaeological relics and a school named St Joseph’s Public School are hosted by the palace. In the past this palace was visible to public from the main road itself but now because of the huge residential buildings, there is no clear view of the palace.

Speaking about the architecture of Asman Garh Palace, it has notified its name among the heritage buildings of the Hyderabad with its unparalleled architectural features and the Gothic style with pointed arches supported by small Corinthian pillars and stretched arrow-slit windows to build this cosy resort and is topped with the castellated battlements along with a flight of steps leads to a platform from where the staircase branches off on either side, giving it an interesting wrap – around appearance. In the year 1925-26, Seventh Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan added a feature the palace, the gateway at the entrance was built in the shape of royal turban.

This palace was used by Sixth Nizam, Mir Mahboob Ali Khan for taking rest after hunting animals in saroornagar area and never missed his stay over here while hunting and has become one of the favourite resorts. As the days are passed the Nizam regularly visited this palace and made it as his residence. Where Sir Asman Jah the brother-in-law of Nizam never said no to the Nizam and shifted his residence from the palace. Because of this palace the Seventh Nizam has laid Osmania University campus near to this palace in a village named Adikmet.

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