City Museum

  • Destination: Hyderabad

City Museum is located at Jubilee Hall in a palace Purani Haveli in Hyderabad. The museum was inaugurated on 11 March 2012 by Nizam`s Jubilee Pavilion Trust chairman, Prince Muffakham Jah, the grandson of the last ruler of Hyderabad state Mir Osman Ali Khan.

City Museum consists of 7 specifically designed maps that trace Hyderabad’s journey from the 13th century to the present times are on display and a touch-screen kiosk that will reveal to visitors a pictorial history of 50 of the city’s “mohallas” (localities), in 4 languages. The display area sheds light on Trade and Commerce, Weights and Measures, Textiles, Post and Communication, Transport, Education, Calligraphy, Architecture, Art and Craft, Hyderabadi cuisine, and people. The artefacts on display include qahwa cups encrusted with Golconda diamonds, perfume bottles studded with pearls, ivory walking sticks, crafted swords and draggers, rare and old stamps and coins, silver and filigree objects and more.

City Museum is the first of its kind in India, which focuses on the history of the city of Hyderabad, from times beyond its inception to the present day and within short period of time attracting many visitors of and has become one of the tourist places of Hyderabad.

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