Keesara Gutta Temple

  • Destination: Hyderabad

Keesara Gutta Temple located in Hyderabad is about 30 kilometers from the centre of the city. It is also called as Keesara Ramalingeshwara Swamy Temple. It is one of the oldest and popular pilgrimage temples of Hyderabad.

Keesara in the past was also called with a name Gatika. There was an educational institution named Gatika in the 3rd century. When this place was excavated many shrines of gods which are in Gupta style of architecture area found here and all these can be seen in a museum which is near to this temple. This temple is has undergone reconstruction recently.

This place is famous as Keesara Gutta because Ramalingeshwara Swamy located on top of the hill (gutta in telugu). As per a legend, the temple on the hill was constructed by Lord Rama himself as of the suggestion of sages and saints of Gatika, to wipe out the sin of Brahma Hatya as Rama killed Ravanasura (Ravana). There are 101 lingas on the hill and history says that all the lingas are installed by the Lord Hanuman, the disciple of Lord Rama. This is the place where Lord Shiva has appeared. There is a saying that people who pray for all 101 lingas would get blessings of all 330 million gods. There is also a large statue of Lord Hanuman on Keesara Gutta Temple.

People regularly visit the temple and on auspicious days of Karthik and Magh months the crowd will be high. The different types of festivals conducted at Keesara Gutta Temple are Maha Shivaratri, Shiva Kalyanam, Sri Ramanavami, Hanuman Jayanthi and Ramalingeshwara Brahmotsavam.


5.00 am – 12.00 pm (Mornings)
4.00 pm – 8.00 pm (Evenings)

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