Paigah tombs

  • Destination: Hyderabad

Paigah tombs are located at Pisal Banda in Hyderabad. These tombs are constructed in the memory of Paigah families by themselves. Piagahs are the most powerful and noble families after Nizams during the 18th century in Hyderabad. Paigah’s had the right to maintain their own court, their own palaces, and their own private armies and is said that the wealth near these people is more than other small kings in India. Paigah family is truly known as the Shums ul Umrahi family and are known to be Right hand to Nizam. The English meaning of Paigah is right-hand man.

Abdul Fateh Khan Tegh Jung belongs to Paigah family was in service of second Nizam, because of his nobility and work, the Nizam had given him titles of Shams-ul-Doula, Sahams-ul-Mulk, and Shams-ul-Umara which means “the sun among the nobles or masses” and were given the responsibility of defence and security of the Nizam’s army. This lead the Piagahs more close to the Nizam’s and then Nizam had made his daughter to marry with Fakhruddin Khan, son of Abdul Fateh Khan Tegh Jung and this procedure was continued by their families too. From then on piagahs were considered next biggest and powerful family after Nizam’s in Hyderabad.

Speaking about the architecture and nobility of Piagah Tombs, these tombs are known to be one of the wonders of Hyderabad with their excellent artistry and work that is done with tiles inside the tombs. These are delicately carved and enclosed in pierced marble facades and shows the resemblance of Indo-Islamic architecture by combining both features of Asaf jah and Rajputani style of architecture which are majestic, double-storeyed gateway structure greets the visitor at the beginning. These group of tombs with different designs having same craftsmanship, utilizing elaborate canopies and marble fences done in trellis-work that are made up of geometric and floral designs. Arches fringed by smaller semi-circular arches–a feature unique to India–are also employed. These tombs are housed by walls that are intricately designed by a wealth of lattice work and exotic designs.

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