Prasad’s IMAX

  • Destination: Hyderabad

Prasad’s IMAX is located on the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake in the heart of Hyderabad, India. It is the South India’s first family entertainment destination, India’s 3rd IMAX theatre and World’s largest 3-D IMAX screen with centrally air condition providing excellent experience of enjoyment for the people of Hyderabad covering area about 2, 35,000 sq. ft. IMAX is a well-known brand in the world with most powerful film projector and a 6-channel sound system with an output of 12,000 watts of digital surround sound.

IMAX in Hyderabad has five screen state of the art multiplex with a combined capacity ranging upto1800 seats. It has IMAX screen along with Prasad’s five 70 mm screens where four of the screens are used for public exhibition and other one screen is for private shows.
This the first centre in Hyderabad with food outlets, coffee bars, gift shops etc. spread over three floors. Food outlets comprises of fast food counters and so. It is also known to be a semi-shopping mall with another name called as (Prasadz) “Prasad the Experience”. It is a project of AP Tourism department named as Buddha Purnima project. There are about of 225 IMAX theatres among 30 different countries.

It is a period of time in the history that has bought evolution in the Indian cinema by having the rich experience of watching the movie along with world’s upgraded technology by opening this IMAX Theatre in Hyderabad. It was open for Hyderabad public from 25th July 2003.

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