• Destination: Hyderabad

About Shilparamam

Shilparamam at Hyderabad is a place where arts and crafts are exhibited on various art forms and handicrafts of diverse artists from every corner of the state. It is located at Madhapur where we can move with in a hour from the city of Hyderabad. Every year All-India Festival of Arts and Crafts are organised here in February and highlights the cultural and creative traditions from all over the country and is a place where we can buy traditional souvenirs of a piece of Indian art directly from the artisans without any middleman.

Shilparamam a crafts village, throughout the year, there are a series of cultural events and is a place where Indian festivals are celebrated grandly with people of different communities joining together and is also a place of talented people from all over the globe unite together to perform. It has an amphi theatre that has staged performances starting from classical music concerts to flute rectals, Bharata Natyam to Bhangra and Perini to contemporary English plays. There is also a facility of a small artificial lake where people can enjoy boating in different variants like peddling and rowing. It simply takes a day of yours if you visit for Shilparamam.

Shilparamam is a place of multiple traditions of arts and crafts of India. It is a home, a temple and breath of fresh air for thousands of visiting artisians and lakhs of art and craft lovers. Recently they started a food festival named GRIHA BHOJAN Centre; the women in atraditional way cook and serve native delicacies food of various.

Shilparamam a Cultural Center

Shilparamam is a Cultural Center which is spread over 50 acres of land looks like a village of art and craft. It is a gift given by Andhra Pradesh government to the South Zone Cultural Centre. Shilparamam is a place hosted by Crafts Museum, Cultural Museum, Art Gallery & Library, Multi-purpose Auditorium, Common Facility Workshops, Research & Design Center, Dormitory accommodation for participating or visiting persons and artists & Rest Houses.

Annual Festivals at Shilparamam

From the year 1995 in the first two weeks of March every year, an annual festival of arts and crafts is conducted by inviting the artisans from every corner of the country. During the ten days of Dussehra in October and during the Sankrant Sandadi festival of harvest in January Cultural activities are performed. Different types of festivals celebrated at Shilparamam are International Kite Festival, Navarathri, South India Festival, Sankranthi Sandadi, Ugadi, Annual Crafts Festival etc.

An Educational Center

It has an educational center which includes series of workshops, training camps and short term training classes and are organised by Shilparamam as Painting Camps, Short-Term Training programmes in Music.

Timings of Shilparamam

Entry Fee: 40 per person for adults
20 per person for children
All days of the week: 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
Visit Duration: 4 to 5 hours

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