St. Mary’s Church

  • Destination: Secunderabad

St. Mary’s Church located at Secunderabad is about 8 kilometres from the centre of Hyderabad. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church. It is declared as the heritage sites of Hyderabad and is dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary.

Father Daniel Murphy one of the Irish Catholics in the British Army has come to India in the year 1839 and then he began the construction of St. Mary’s church as a cathedral in 1840. Finally in the year 1850, largest church in Hyderabad State at that time was completed. Later some Sisters of St. Anne from Turin has come to this place and opened an orphanage and a girls’ school. Popular as the St. Ann’s school, it remains the most prominent landmark adjoining the church.

The exterior architecture of the church looks like Gothic. When we look at the church it shows the look of past age. The hallowed interior has two altars of Mother Mary and St. Patrick alongside St. Jesus. There is a series of stained glasses at the ground level of the church which clearly needs some repair work, but its wooden pews make you want to rest and ponder awhile before taking leave.

Devotees come here regularly and on the weekends the crowd will be more and this also considered as one of the tourist places of Hyderabad. There is a small prayer room called the St Jude’s Shrine with in the premises where people come to meditate.

Timings and other details:

Daily prayers happen in English at 6 am in the morning and 6 pm in the evening.
Sunday Masses:
• 6 am – Tamil
• 7 am – English
• 8:15 am – Telugu
• 9:15 am – Children’s Mass
• 9:30 am – English
• 11:30 am -English
• 5 pm – English
• 6 pm- English

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