Sudha Cars Museum

  • Destination: Hyderabad

Sudha Cars Museum is located at Bahadurpura about 6 km from center of Hyderabad. It was established by Mr. Sudhakar, who was interested in motors from his schooling. This museum is first and only handmade Wacky Car museum in the World and has also achieved Guinness World Record for making the Largest Tricycle in the World.

Mr. Sudhakar started his research from the age of 14 and made a bicycle, and then at the age of 15 he designed ‘Easy Rider Motorbike’. While his intermediate 2nd year he designed a stunning, rugged looking ‘Dune Buggy’. As the years are passing there are about 150 different types of cars like go karts, dune buggies, wacky cars, like brinjal car, camera car, cricket ball car, shivling car, cup & saucer car, helmet car, computer car, double bed car, football car and there are also early 20th century models of cars & buses, both single & double decker’s which are presently used for sightseeing. Thirty different designs of bicycles are starting from single seater to multi seaters, the likes of which are penny farthings, tandems, made for each other, velo cars, recumbent, micro cars, light foots, cycle trains, sociable, etc. Including the smallest bicycle in India, this is about 6 inches high. Adding to his collection there are 12 different types of motorcycles, the smallest being 13 inches high, which can travel at a speed of about 30kmph. The different designs of mobikes include three wheeler motorcycles, easy riders, scramblers & go pads and many more just by using metal scrap.

Sudha Cars Museum is visited by lot of visitors daily because of the speciality it has got and has become one of the tourist places of Hyderabad.

Timings and other details:

Sudha Cars Museum Timings: 9.30am to 6.30pm
Entrance Fee: Rs.30/-

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