• Destination: Hyderabad, Surendrapuri

Surendrapuri, one of the very interesting tourist attractions for curious travelers of Hyderabad. The museum is also known as Mythological Awareness Center. This has been established to create an awareness of Indian mythology, more specifically Hindu mythology by Kunda Satyanarayana in the memory of his son Surendra. It is also known locally as Kunda Satyanarayana Kala Dhamam, in his honor. It is located on the road from Hyderabad to Yadagirigutta (Nalgonda district), about 1.5 kilometers before yadagirigutta bus station and 55kms from Hyderabad.

Kunda Satyanarayana Kala Dhamam transports you into a new world of joy, with the exhilarating boon of a vision of all deities, Gods and Goddesses in one spectacular mythological awareness centre. Museum is a center of artistic and sculptural excellence. Various episodes from the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Bhagvad Gita also been interpreted in the forms of sculptures. One can have the Darshan of the deities of all the famous pilgrimage centers of India at Surendrapuri.

The unique bringing of different celestial worlds together in one place – Brahmaloka, Vishnuloka, Sivaloka, Nagaloka, Indraloka Yamaloka, Narakaloka, Patalaloka, Padmavyuham, Padmadweepam can be seen here.

For the religious minded, it will be a satisfaction of visiting all the Hindu holy places in India in one short trip of about 3-4 hours. For the curious minded, it provides a good visual background of what Hindu mythology is all about. One does not have to be religious to visit this place.

Other details and Timings:

Ticket Booking Timings
Visit timings 9 am – 5 pm
9 am-7pm
Entry Fee:
For adult Rs.300/- per head
For child Rs.250/- per head.
No electronic devices are allowed.

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