Toli Masjid

  • Destination: Hyderabad

Toli Masjid is also known as Damri Masjid, located in centre of Hyderabad. It was constructed by the Chamberlain Mir Musa Khan in 1671, during the period of Abdullah Qutb Shah, Sultan of Golconda. Toli Masjid is recognized as the Heritage Site by Archaeological Survey of India and awarded with Heritage Award by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage for its architectural and artistic value.

The name Damri Masjid came to this monument based on a fable that the architect of this masjid was paid in “damri”, where 320 damri equals one rupee.

Speaking about the Architecture of the Toli Masjid, it was designed in Indo-Islamic style by the royal architects of the Qutub Shah dynasty. There are two large halls in the main building; one inner and the other outer hall which opened out with five ornate arches, the central arch being larger, broader and more decorative than the other four. The two tall minarets or towers are 65 feet tall that are on either side. The minarets from where the call for prayer was given, has three tiers of galleries that are shaped like the octagon. The central tier is supported by elaborately carved mouldings and designs. The exterior of the shafts of the minarets are carved with different rounded patterns. The main building has a dome shaped roof that has a brass ornament on top the building is decorated in stucco where fine plaster was used for covering the surface of all walls with architectural decorations.

The parapet had many smaller arches each one decorated with different carved designs. Over the parapet are small indentations that have finials or ornamentation at the top of the roof. The prayer hall has inscriptions that mention the role of Musa Khan in the building of the mosque. Basalt and granite has been extensively used in the building as well as the carved decorative parts of the masjid.

Toli Masjid stands as the one of the historical monuments of Hyderabad and is attracting visitors and tourists of Hyderabad.

Timings and other details of Toli Masjid

Open on all days.
No entry fee

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